In 2005, Dr. Walter H. Schmitt, DC, DIBAK, DABCN, developed a clinical protocol with Applied Kinesiology. With the assistance of Dr. Kerry McCord, DC, DIBAK, the information was captured for health practitioners and called Quintessential Applications (QA). A health care provider trained in QA will not only address presenting problems but assist the body in meeting underlying needs that might create health problems in the future. Through QA, long term, optimal health is achieved.

With QA, the presenting symptoms are noted but the diagnostic process begins at a much deeper level and also follows a very specific path. Without going into extensive detail, the QA process of diagnosis and treatment addresses:

Injury and Pain Patterns
Systemic Nutritional Factors
Systemic Structural Factors
Electron Transport Chain/ Citric Acid Cycle Function
Heart-Focused Activities
Systemic Endocrine Factors
Sources of Autonomic Dysfunction and GI Disturbance
Emotional Distress
Presenting Issues and symptoms

By following this diagnostic and treatment protocol, the body heals fully and completely. Rather than being simply managed and controlled, symptoms are eliminated and optimal health is achieved.
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Walter H. Schmitt, DC, DIBAK, DABCN